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Jenny G.

Jenny G.

I had taken Metabolic Explosion Training classes, Boot Camp, and special offerings like TRX class from Sharon for a couple years (love it!), and with my children off at college, I felt the time was right to add in some more personalized workouts, although it was an injury that finally prompted me to put that plan into motion.


Many years ago I had injured my back, and then I herniated a disc in my lower spine in early 2018.  Prior to medical treatment, I suffered in pain for 4 months.  Upon completing medical treatment, I worked with a physical therapist, and began working with Sharon taking Personal Training to regain mobility, flexibility, and strength.  Then one day, I went to physical therapy, and the kind and competent therapist directed me to start on the exercises all on my own, and I pretty much did my entire session without any attention from the therapist.  This, coupled with the fact that I had not been given any new exercises for the past few sessions, got me thinking.  I could continue this path of seeing both a physical therapist and doing Personal Training with Sharon, or I could eliminate paying for physical therapy which was no longer providing me what I thought I needed and solely focus on working with Sharon. I want to stress, I had gone through a couple months of physical therapy and had progressed nicely.  Sharon is not a physical therapist and I did not substitute her Personal Training for that of a licensed therapist.  I just felt I was no longer receiving benefit from the energy, time, and money I was devoting to physical therapy, and I decided that I had progressed to the point that I could safely work with Sharon exclusively.  Sharon gave (and gives) me personalized attention and tailored workouts based upon how I was/am feeling each and every session.  There is no question in my mind that I made the correct decision. I have been taking Personal Training from Sharon ever since.  Some days she pushes me hard, some days I stretch more, other days her focus is on my core, some days it isn’t, and before each session she asks how I feel, and adjusts her plan for me accordingly.


Sharon and I have worked one-on-one for 8 months.  After Personal Training for a few months, and as I began to feel better and more confident, I felt like I could try to add back in MET classes. I wanted to be smart and not overdo it so I took one class.  Then I started working back into a more regular MET schedule, and now I am back to full-time MET, along with Personal Training. I am pain-free, and so much stronger and more flexible than I was last 8 months ago! I feel like I am living a normal life again.


If you suffer a debilitating injury like I did, the key is determination, consistency, and time.  I very much enjoy my Personal Training sessions, and I get a great personalized workout.  It was incredibly rewarding to once again incorporate and be successful at exercises I had lost the ability to perform while I was injured.  I thank Sharon for each one of those victories.


My recovery is complete, and I still take Personal Training with Sharon because I enjoy the personal attention and personalized workouts.  I feel that I have gained more muscle definition than I achieved by taking MET classes alone. Also, it is a time twice a week that I can focus on improving my health and my appearance.


What would I change?  NOTHING!  I love it, and I thank Sharon for all that she has done for me to aid in my recovery, and to help me be a healthy, stronger, and better version of me.