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Ed S.

Ed S.

I began working with Sharon for two reasons. I wanted to lose 20 lbs. and get back into shape so I could start running again. But I really wanted to do it with my wife to get her going. She has had too many medical issues, and needed to change her routine and diet. So doing this together was very important.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when we started training but I found I learned a lot. Many of the exercises I had never done before.  And I had never worked with weights either.

I also learned a lot about eating better. I am eating much better — much less carbs and sugars, and more protein than before.

Personal training changes your life for the better. You feel better, and your quality of life improves. I think the toughest part is making the changes necessary. More effort to carve out time for meal planning and regular exercise time were my biggest changes.