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Chrissy R

Chrissy R

I really enjoy the experience I have working with Sharon via her online platform. Sharon’s knowledge and flexibility are well suited to working with those who have really tight schedules, and she is really responsive to concerns and questions. I have short calls with her every other week to stay accountable and discuss how my workouts are going, but the online platform is really the key. She builds customized workouts using whatever equipment I have, loads instructions (eg. sets, reps, pitfalls to avoid), and adds videos to help me understand how to perform the movements correctly.

Knowing that I will have a call scheduled with Sharon – and that she took the time to build the workouts for me – keeps me on track. And I’ve come to appreciate the benefits, particularly the greater strength and ease of movement. I also appreciate that her workouts are sensible; I don’t need a lot of dedicated equipment or technology to see results. If you are someone who has considered working with a personal trainer but has limited time, or are intimidated by the idea of working out in front of others, Sharon’s program may be a great solution for you.