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Brian C.

Brian C.

I asked for online workouts because I wanted to start incorporating strength training into my workout routine but wasn’t really sure how to figure out the details like whether to lift heavy weight with low reps or lighter weight with higher reps, how to structure the workout (total body vs splits), etc. After talking with Sharon, we opted for an upper body / lower body split.  Right now I’m trying to do each once a week, along with one day of Boot Camp and one day of MET class.

I liked that we discussed my goals, what kind of equipment I wanted to use, and that the workouts contained some exercises that were new to me.  Sharon demonstrated the exercises to make sure I knew the proper form for each since I would be performing these on my own.

I recommend online workouts to anyone who wants or needs a little bit of guidance in their “out of studio” workouts.  With the ability to customize it, in terms of your goals and equipment, you really can’t go wrong.