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Bethany W.

Bethany W.

Time has always been my struggle. Working a full time job, being a mom to three active kids, and being a wife always presents time issues.  There is never enough time to food prep or plan healthy meal options, especially when you are living so much of your life on the go.   Previously, I had participated in other weight loss plans but they never felt sustainable to me. However this process is something I can continue to implement into my life, long term.  The program not only provides me with structure but also accountability, something I need!

Before I started working with Sharon, I felt frustrated knowing that I deserved more and with the right guidance could find an option that could work for me.  I was sad because of how much I weighed, ashamed that I couldn’t keep myself accountable and felt helpless in not knowing how to best help myself.

Sharon’s online program takes the guess work out and holds me accountable.  Additionally, it is easy and doesn’t require much additional time. Most importantly, I am losing weight, in a health way!  I am not hungry, I don’t have cravings and all of the guess work is gone.  This structure allows me options but comparable options that will help keep me on track to successfully achieve my goals.

Since following Sharon’s plan, I am never hungry and no longer crave “bad” foods – caffeine, sugar or carbs.  I like water again, something I haven’t liked in years and always find myself needing more of it.  My skin feels better, my knees and ankles hurt less and I am sleeping better.

If I were asked what I would tell others who are facing the same struggles and frustrations that I was, I would tell them: You can do it! Life is busy but when schedules die down and your kids are grown, you will still be here. Taking care of yourself and putting yourself first is the most important thing you can do for you AND your family.  My kids see the difference and are proud of me, in addition, my husband is supporting this lifestyle change and has joined in this effort, in his own way.  You don’t realize how unhealthy you are until you make a change and begin to see results, I feel better now than I have in years and I can’t wait to lose more.

Take baby steps. Before fully committing to Sharon’s meal plan, I took my own steps to help ease into it. I cut out caffeine, sugar and carbs.  Introducing the nutrition plan was the next easy step.

I’m most surprised at how much I have lost so far – 7 lbs. and 7” in just 4 weeks, how easy the meal plans are to follow and how much I look forward to eating them.