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Beth M.

Beth M.

I started working with Sharon about a year ago. I was very intimidated at the beginning but I quickly found I liked it. The only way you will find out is by trying! Everyone goes their own pace and it’s a non competitive environment. The other people in class are huge motivators too – they keep you going and are supportive. What started out as something to do during summer has turned into a lifestyle change.

When I think of where I started and where I am now I would describe it as ‘transformative.’

I can see my muscles! I used to flex my arms and nothing would happen…now there’s a bump! I started doing modified push ups and struggled to do 5. They are still hard, but I can do 10 standard push ups now! It’s my least favorite exercise, so it’s the one I’m most determined to conquer!

I’m definitely stronger! Strong is my new favorite word. I’ve never considered myself strong until now, and it’s an amazing feeling. I’m mentally stronger too- pushing through an exercise when you want to stop, making yourself go to class when it’s snowy and cold out, trying something you’ve always told yourself you couldn’t do.

I am taking less medication.
I have more energy.
I have more confidence and courage.

My joints hurt less as I lose weight. I’ve lost 20 pounds!

I signed up for MET after taking two sessions of Boot Camp. It is so much fun, always different, and you are surrounded by supportive people.  It’s a great class especially if you want a little more after taking Boot Camp.  It’s a great workout and you will feel great when you are done!