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Adam V.

Adam V.

My biggest struggle before working with Sharon was finding moderation in my diet. I recognized over-eating and fought it with calorie restriction, which led to big swings in my intake. This, in addition to the quality of what I was eating (easy food is often not particularly nutritious) was preventing me from reaching goals. This became my frustration, that I spent so much time and money working out and wasn’t getting the results I sought.

I work shift work and would often skip meals while working because I didn’t make it a priority. This led to a lot of binging after work, particularly in the late hours of the night. Again, it wasn’t healthy choices, either. This led to generally feeling unwell about that choice, as well as a lot of food guilt.

Regarding lifting, my frustrations about not meeting goals prevented me from trying. I didn’t do it because it wasn’t natural to me. I could run 10 miles but I wouldn’t bench press to save my life. This frustrated me a lot, because I wanted to encourage and foster total body strength but couldn’t “figure it out”, so I stopped trying to do things I wasn’t naturally good at.

Sharon’s online fitness and nutrition program has given me a ton of accountability. The workouts are straight forward and there are demonstrations of all of them. Supplemented with check-ins, there was a level of accountability that I didn’t offer to myself (or negotiated away).

Regarding nutrition, prior to this I didn’t cook. I didn’t prepare meals. I looked for any excuse to eat out. This program is teaching me moderation, portion control and clean eating. Again, the proof is in the pudding, and check ins are helpful to review what does and doesn’t work for my particular schedule.

Since starting her program, I have more energy. I’m not hungry at work. I don’t want to binge after late shifts. I’m developing an affinity for lifting and starting to see changes. I am drinking more water and less caffeine. I’m globally making healthier choices.

In 4 weeks, I have lost 8 lbs. and 5″.

If I could give advice to others who are facing the same struggles and frustrations that I was, I would tell them this is worth trying. It’s certainly not going to hurt, and adding the component of accountability and the education around nutrition and strength training is not terribly intrusive but makes a huge difference.

Reach out. Sharon was incredibly receptive to my needs and was quick to respond to my questions. The set up didn’t take long and we were ready to go rather quickly.