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Ultimate Muscle Protein

Ultimate Muscle Protein

Ultimate Muscle Protein is a high quality protein that is comprised of 80% casein protein and 20% whey protein. This unique blend of slow-absorbing and fast-acting protein will support and enhance:

  • total body mass
  • fat free mass
  • strength
  • myfibrillar protein
  • nitric oxide levels
  • gluconeogenesis
  • thermogenesis
  • blood glucose levels
  • free radical protection
  • mental performance and resistance to stress
  • mood, and
  • preservation of muscle mass during rest.

In addition to making shakes, puddings, and pancakes, Ultimate Muscle Protein is ideal to bake with. Like Muscle Provider, don’t mistake this for other proteins you have tried. High quality proteins are not only effective, but they also taste good and do not clump when mixed.



I really like the new Graham Cracker UMP!!! I mixed it with chocolate Muscle Provider!!!! Yum!!

— Sue

My first time trying Ultimate Muscle Protein, and the Graham Cracker is really good!! The pudding texture is different in a good way. Think I will sprinkle this with cinnamon!! Yummy!

— Eileen H.

I made a pudding with just chocolate UMP and water!! OMG!! So good! How can this be "Sharon-approved"!!?? Reminds me of the pudding I made as a kid with Mr. Puddin Head!

— Eileen

I mixed strawberry UMP into my overnight oatmeal and I love it!

— Michelle S.

OMG! The Cookies and Creme UMP is delicious!!! I simply add water, mix, and drink!

— Sue C.

Ultimate Muscle Protein has exceeded my expectations. I bought the vanilla flavor and it's SO GOOD! It mixes great with skim milk for shakes - for an extra cold shake put in the freezer for 15 minutes, but also makes great pancakes!

— Kim L.

I have been using Ultimate Muscle Protein for probably 2 years now. The chocolate is my favorite! It is perfect as a bed time snack mixed with water for a shake or pudding (with peanut butter for my favorite flavor combo ever!) or mixed into a Carbmaster yogurt (pretty much any flavor works!). It definitely satisfies my sweet tooth AND is high in quality protein and low in fat--so what's not to like?! The flavor of the chocolate is like a rich chocolate brownie batter-- no joke!

— Erika