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Muscle Synergy

Muscle Synergy

Muscle Synergy is a caffeine-free pre-workout drink that provides dramatic muscle pumps and maximizes exercise-induced gains in muscle size and strength.  It focuses on:

  • damage control for your muscles – assists products like Glutamine Select Plus BCAAs for muscle recovery after exercise
  • loss prevention – maintaining your lean muscle mass
  • work capacity – how much force can you can generate
  • muscle pump
  • decreasing myostatin levels
  • protection from age-associated loss of muscle mass and functionality, known as sarcopenia, and
  • lowering of elevated cholesterol levels and blood pressure (reduction in cardiovascular risk factors).

Gluten free.

Muscle Synergy can also be mixed with Up-Lift, or with Muscle Provider as a pre-workout drink.



I started taking Muscle Synergy as my pre-workout drink a few weeks ago after using Uplift for about 2 years. I love Up-Lift but was looking to shake up my routine. I have been pleasantly surprised with the effects of Muscle Synergy versus Up-Lift. For me, Muscle Synergy is the perfect pre-workout for my weight lifting routine because I have noticed that I feel stronger and more productive, especially when it comes to those last couple of reps that are hard to push out. I don’t feel like I’m missing the energy boost that I got from Uplift either—Muscle Synergy delivers on that too. The lemon flavor is very mild and quite tasty (hint: Muscle Synergy plus vanilla Muscle Provider is a nice little pre-workout breakfast!). For anyone who participates in weight lifting regularly or for anyone who has taken Uplift for awhile and is looking for a change, I highly recommend Muscle Synergy!

— Erika S.

I take Muscle Synergy when I first wake in the morning, and then again 30 minutes before I workout later in the day.  It has helped me to maintain my workout intensity.

— Kevin C.