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Muscle Provider

Muscle Provider

Muscle Provider is a high quality whey protein powder that is anabolically (to help muscle grow) potent and a convenient source of high quality whey protein.  Whey protein is fast-acting so it is ideal to take before your workout, immediately following your workout, or for a quick and tasty snack in between meals.

Muscle Provider contains:

  • 21 grams of high quality whey protein
  • only 1 gram of fat
  • amino acids (the building blocks of muscle)
  • only 1 gram of sugar
  • low sodium, and
  • no fillers.

Don’t mistake this for other proteins you have tried. High quality proteins like Muscle Provider are not only effective, they also taste good and do not clump when mixed. Gluten free.



I have a new favorite breakfast – chocolate Muscle Provider and Birthday Cake G Butter mixed with almond milk. Tastes just like a chocolate frosted cake!

— Korie C.

I just had my first PB2 and chocolate Muscle Provider shake. What can I say!?!? DELICIOUS!! Like a liquid Reese's Cup!!! So good!!! Cannot believe I've been missing out on this tasty treat for years!

— Eileen H.

I initially started drinking Muscle Provider because I wanted something healthy after workouts.  I love the chocolate mixed with frozen berries.  Sometimes I throw a scoop of cocoa powder in for more chocolate flavor.  I really look forward to this "treat"!

— Kristi S.

I have used protein shakes for almost a decade. I’ve tried many brands and flavors thru the years. I switched to the chocolate Muscle Provider as a meal replacement for breakfast, almost daily. I also use it before workouts. It is very cost effective. It mixes well with almost anything! It’s great with oats, peanut butter, hazlenut butter, bananas, milk, water or even spinach. It is creamy, and not grainy like some protein powders. And it gives me energy to push thru busy days and hard workouts. I highly recommend trying Muscle Provider. I can’t wait to try the vanilla!

— Angela O.

I have been using the Beverly International Muscle Provider for about six to eight months. I previously used Market Pantry vanilla protein powder and before that I was drinking Atkins protein drinks. I made the switch to the Beverly International Muscle Provider after talking with Sharon. I wanted a higher quality protein for my body. I use the Muscle Provider as a replacement for breakfast, or as an addition to breakfast depending on the day and what I'm eating.  The Muscle Provider makes an excellent smoothie (water, ice cubes, protein powder, and fruit in a blender). The consistency and texture is very good. The protein dissolves and mixes very well. If you don't want to fuss with a blender, just the powder and water mix well together for a quick protein drink. These are good for pre- and post- workouts. The protein powder tastes really good. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious the flavors are.  I use both the vanilla and chocolate flavors. The powders are not chalky, or have an off or after taste. They truly taste like their flavors. The Muscle Provider mixes well with Carbmaster yogurts. The chocolate flavored powder mixed in yogurt taste just like chocolate pudding. It’s great for a healthy snack. I have just started using the Muscle Provider in plain oatmeal and I like to add fruit to the mixture.  It also tastes really good. This is a nice warm, healthy breakfast on cold days.  The Muscle Provider is a quite satisfying and filling protein powder. I would highly recommend it.

— Robin A.

I was looking for a protein drink for my lifestyle change. In the past, I bought whatever was on sale.  Most chocolate protein drinks have an aftertaste so I would drink vanilla.  Muscle Provider chocolate is different, and I like it even more than the vanilla.  It tastes great!

— Tamara R.

I started taking Muscle Provider because I was looking for a healthy substitute for breakfast in the morning. I don't spend a lot of time making breakfast, so just pouring a scoop of the MP in the shaker bottle was a quick, easy and healthy breakfast solution. I sometimes will mix the yogurt that Sharon recommends with the protein to give the shake a little more substance. I will also take it sometimes immediately following a work-out and on days we have weigh-ins where we cannot eat for two hours prior. It's just enough to get you through the workout without eating a large meal.  I notice the effects of protein in my appearance and my energy levels. Just after a few months of taking the MP I noticed my stomach was slimming down and my energy levels at workouts were much higher, and I wasn't completely done at the end of every workout. I have taken both the chocolate and vanilla and I would recommend either flavor to someone who was interested.

— Laura J.

For breakfast, I'm enjoying a super charged protein shake complete with egg whites, vanilla Muscle Provider, water, and frozen strawberries. Yummy!


— Nichole D.