Catalyst 4 Fitness



FitTabs are time-relased multivitamin designed for the active woman or man. They contain:

  • antioxidants
  • vitamins
  • chelated minerals
  • lipotropics
  • bioflavonoids
  • digestive enzymes
  • trace minerals, and
  • an easily absorbed form of iron not commonly found in multi-vitamins.

Gluten free.

Regular users report improvements in their overall energy and physical performance, as well as the quality of their hair, nails, and skin.

Many are also able to stop taking the additional vitamins they use to supplement their current vitamins.



I initially began taking FitTabs because I hadn’t been taking any daily vitamin and needed to get into a regimen. I feel better knowing that I am providing my body with necessary nutrients. I think anyone who can honestly state that they do not provide their body with all the nutrients needed on a daily basis should take it too. It is a very affordable way to do something good for your body and support your focus on health/wellness.

— Valerie R.

I have been taking a multi-vitamin for a very long time. I have tried all different brands over the years. Prior to taking FitTabs I was using a gummy multi-vitamin for women and on top of that taking a iron supplement for my anemia. Even though I was working with Sharon 3 times a week and on the meal plan I was still feeling that my body was lacking something. I had discussed this with Sharon and she suggested that I switch my multi-vitamin and start using FitTabs. Sharon explained to me that the FitTabs are designed for people that lead a fitness lifestyle and need the extra vitamins and minerals, plus FitTabs include iron so I was able to drop my iron supplement! Since taking FitTabs (6 months ago) I have noticed changes in my body. I am not as stiff or sore and feel more energized. As far as cost goes they are actually about the same as other multi-vitamins that I have taken. I would definitely recommend them. I never thought much about the multi-vitamins that I was taking, to me they were all the same. But I've learned they are not, and if you are active and you want a good quality multi-vitamin, FitTabs are just that.

— Sadie F.

I started taking supplements along with my workouts about 6 months ago. The supplements I was taking at that time contained a large amount of caffeine and made me feel very jittery and made it so I was unable to take them before my evening workout. When I started taking Cross Training Circuit classes with Sharon, I would hear her talking about FitTabs and Glutamine Select with BCAAs. After speaking with her and learning more, I decided to order both. I have been using these product for a little over 2 weeks now and can honestly say I am noticing a big change in my body.  With the the FitTabs, there isn't a caffeine buzz.  I feel better overall and in turn am making healthier choices.  I am more awake throughout the day as well. The Glutamine Select with BCAAs has significantly decreased my muscle recovery time after a strenuous workout. I love the black cherry flavor and actually look forward to drinking it after a workout. I would highly recommend both of these products. I love the way I feel and combined with the classes I am seeing results!

— Michelle M.

FitTabs are the only multivitamin I have ever tried that doesn't upset my stomach.

— Eileen H.

I take two FitTabs a day and have found that they, unlike the multivitamin I had been taking, help keep my digestive tract healthy and moving while supplementing my diet.

— Theresa B.