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Creatine Select

Creatine Select

Creatine Select is a unique formula of creatine combined with phosphates, electrolytes, and beta-alanine to improve your:


  • strength
  • speed
  • power, and
  • stamina.

Once only recommended for strength training, research studies have found that it also enhances physical performance during high-intensity cardio, and that it may help slow down sarcopenia which affects everyone starting at about age 40.

This particular blend, unlike other creatine products, has been reported by most to not cause feelings of puffiness or being bloated. It is often used in conjunction with Quadracarn. Gluten free.

Creatine Select can be especially useful for experienced athletes who feel that they have hit a training plateau or are struggling to break a personal best, as it helps delay muscle failure and fatigue. It should be used with Glutamine Select with BCAAs. For best results, follow a loading phase for 5 days before entering a maintenance phase.



First of all, I have never used any kind of creatine supplement in the past, so I really was not sure what to expect for myself. But I am SO glad that I decided to give Creatine Select a shot. I followed the directions to “load” for five days (4 scoops/day) and then have continued with a maintenance dose of one scoop per day for about two weeks now. From the very first day I could feel a difference in my strength level in the gym. I hit PRs in weight on multiple exercises within the first week of taking Creatine Select. What is even more amazing is that I got sick during my second week on Creatine, missed three training days, and still kicked butt when I got back into the gym. I also think it has helped with my overall energy level. if you like orange flavoring, you will love it. I generally do not enjoy orange flavoring, and I think it tastes great. For anyone who is serious about lifting, getting stronger, and building muscle, I think Creatine Select is at least worth a try. I have been super impressed with the results thus far!

— Erika