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Real People. Real Results. – Gina B.

Tell us about yourself. I am a single mom of a 4.5 year old. When his 2nd birthday was approaching, I realized that I needed to do something about my health, and the baby weight that I was still carrying. I want to be a good role model for him. I really do believe that if you can make fitness fun, then you will continue to do it. I know this is true, as I’ve lost 40 lbs.!

How long have we worked together? For 2.5 years in Boot Camp/Cross Training Circuits.

What did you expect when you started? I just wanted to have something weekly on my calendar for ME to help me feel better about myself.

How do you feel now? I have so much energy now.

How has your body changed? Like I mentioned, I’ve lost 40 lbs. and my clothes fit so much better.

What non-scale victories have you experienced? More energy, better mental focus, happier with appearance.

Are you stronger? Definitely.

How has your health improved? I go to the Health Fair every year at work, and it is relieving to see that all of my numbers are in a normal range.

What is/are your goals? I would love to be able to finish push ups and mountain climbers for the full timed interval without taking a break!

If you have tried fitness and nutrition plans in the past, what did you try? Why didn’t they work? How is this different? Big box gym with no accountability. I stopped working out before I got pregnant. I just never made time for it. Sharon’s studio is small, and you get to know a little bit about the people that you are with. We tell stories, and keep things fun while we are working out. The hour goes by fast, and I get a great workout!

What is the best part about working with Sharon? Her sense of humor.

What is the worst part about working with Sharon? Burpees.

What would you tell others who are hesitant to start? Don’t be intimidated. Working out can be fun if you find a welcoming environment.



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