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Real People Doing Great Things – Martha L

Real People. Real Progress. Real Fat Loss.

Since opening Catalyst 4 Fitness, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some incredible people.

Each has her/his own story, obstacles, and successes. One of these women is Martha Luken.


How long have we worked together? I have worked with you for 2 years, strictly in Boot Camp. It really doesn’t seem that long! Boot Camp works for me.

How do you feel now? Inspired to continue to get better. Overall, I have so much more energy the day after a Boot Camp that I actually look forward to taking the next class. I can’t say that I enjoy the work, but I certainly love the effects.

How has your body changed? I really have improved the muscle tone in my legs. Clothes look better on me. Still trying to improve the upper body strength and muscle tone.

Have you lost weight or changed clothes’ sizes? I have lost 25 pounds. It has been very slow, but I seem to be able to maintain the results so far. I have dropped 2 clothes sizes.

Are you stronger? Are you surprised at what you can do now? Do you have more endurance? Overall, yes, I am stronger.

What would you tell others who are hesitant to start? What would you tell those who have just started and are struggling? That you don’t really know what you can accomplish until you try. Don’t be afraid to sign up for class. Sharon designs the classes to accommodate both novices and experts. Even after 2 years there are days when I struggle to get through a class, but I always feel better the next for getting through it. Adding a third class day actually helps keeps me more on track, and the nutritional advice and programs helped break through plateaus in weight loss.



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