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Real People Doing Great Things – Lynne D

Real People. Real Progress. Real Fat Loss.

Since opening Catalyst 4 Fitness, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some incredible people.

Each has her/his own story, obstacles, and successes. One of these women is Lynne Dorsten.


How long have we worked together? I started Boot Camp in February of 2013, and Metabolic Explosion Training classes in the summer of 2013.

How do you feel now? I feel stronger. How has your body changed? My arms are more toned.

Have you lost weight or changed clothes’ sizes? This has fluctuated depending on my diet.

Are you stronger? Are you surprised at what you can do now? Do you have more endurance? I am stronger. Last summer I was able to join my teenagers by climbing out of the water and up a rope ladder while on vacation. I could not have done that before taking classes with Sharon. My golf game has improved. I have more control and I am able to get more distance. I run occasionally with friends and even without consistent training I can keep up for shorter distance runs.

Has your health improved? I had dislocated my left shoulder twice and always felt that my left side was weaker. Now I feel just as confident with my left as my right side.

What would you tell others who are hesitant to start? Those who have just started and are struggling? Working out with a small group is very motivating. Sharon keeps the focus on proper technique to avoid injury and is able to modify the exercises as you build strength.




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