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Real People Doing Great Things – Denice R

Real People. Real Progress. Real Fat Loss.

Since opening Catalyst 4 Fitness, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some incredible people.  Each has her/his own story, obstacles, and successes.  One of these women is Denice Robertson.


How long have we worked together? One year

How do you feel now? I feel great, still sore some days, but I love going to Boot Camp class and pushing myself to do more each time.

How has your body changed? I definitely have more muscle, I really notice it in my arms and quads. Although my stomach isn’t miraculously flatter, it is definitely stronger and I can see more definition.

Have you lost weight or changed clothes’ sizes? I have actually gained a couple pounds, but knowing that muscle takes up less space than fat, I’m excited that some of my clothes fit even better than before.

Are you stronger?  Are you surprised at what you can do now?  Do you have more endurance? Definitely stronger and I love it. I am excited to see the progress and although I know I’ll not likely be as fit as I was in college, I see my strength improving and my endurance as well.

Has your health improved? I think any additional exercise will improve your health. Before Boot Camp I tended to focus on cardio, I could go for a run or do the elliptical, but left out the strength portion of my workout. I feel more well rounded now and while I don’t notice any dramatic changes, knowing there are subtle improvements make the sweat worth it.

What would you tell others who are hesitant to start? Those who have just started and are struggling? I’ll be honest, just suck it up and do it. You aren’t going to see improvement in your health, weight, endurance, etc. by doing nothing. Yes, it will be tough, you will be stiff and sore for a while and no, it isn’t a miracle way to lose weight, but it’s reality. If you want to improve your health then you have to accept that it’s going to be tough and make the commitment to be mentally tougher and go for it!



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