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Real People Doing Great Things – Beth M

Real People. Real Progress. Real Fat Loss.


Tell us about yourself.  I’m a 35 year old mom of 2, and a high school teacher. My family is definitely my priority, and life certainly gets hectic!  When I had my son four years ago I struggled finding a balance between my 2 kids, husband, work, friends, responsibilities and finally myself at the bottom of the list. I wanted to be better for my kids. I started taking care of my mental health and getting myself healthier overall.  I was feeling pretty good – but getting in shape was the scariest part. I didn’t feel confident that I could do it, but I thought I’d at least try. I wanted to be a good role model for my kids. I wanted to get fit, be confident and relieve anxiety and stress. I wanted to get out of my “good enough” rut and feel awesome.

How long have we worked together? I started Boot Camp in the summer of 2015, so it’s been almost a year. I changed from Boot Camp to Metabolic Explosion Training class, going from 1 class to 2, and then added Core Strength as well.  I started a Meal Plan with Sharon November 1, so I’ve been following that for about 4.5 months. I’m about halfway to my weight loss goal.

What did you expect when you started on each? I was very intimidated at the beginning of each different class- not really knowing what to expect. When I started boot camp, I thought I’d maybe lose a couple pounds and depending on how it went,  probably quit because it would be too much: too much time, too difficult… just too much. However- I was wrong. 🙂

How do you feel now? I liked Boot Camp so I kept going. I get braver and braver to try new things and see what my body can do. The only way you will find out is by trying! Everyone goes their own pace and it’s a non competitive environment. The other people in class are huge motivators too – they keep you going and are supportive. What started out as something to do during summer has turned into a lifestyle change.

When I think of where I started and where I am now I would describe it as ‘transformative.’

How has your body changed? I can see my muscles! I used to flex my arms and nothing would happen…now there’s a bump! My joints hurt less as I lose weight. I’ve lost 20 pounds!

I started doing modified push ups and struggled to do 5. They are still hard, but I can do 10 standard push ups now! It’s my least favorite exercise, so it’s the one I’m most determined to conquer 🙂

What non-scale victories have you experienced? Where to start!?!
I am taking less medication.
I have more energy.
I have more confidence and courage.

Are you stronger? Definitely! Strong is my new favorite word. I’ve never considered myself strong until now, and it’s an amazing feeling. I’m mentally stronger too- pushing through an exercise when you want to stop, making yourself go to class when it’s snowy and cold out, trying something you’ve always told yourself you couldn’t do.

What are your goals? Looking and feeling like a million bucks this summer in my swimsuit!!!! I am halfway to my weight loss goal – so I still have more work to do there. Really, before class I just ask myself what can I do today that I couldn’t yesterday….

If you have tried fitness and nutrition plans in the past, what did you try? Why didn’t they work? How is this different? After my daughter was born in 2009 I did Weight Watchers. I was successful meeting my weight loss goal but it didn’t stick. The only reason I lost the weight was the hours of calculating and planning I did to figure out points. Not so realistic for the long term for me. I threw in the towel when they changed their point system. I also didn’t care for their substitutions – lots of processed snacks that weren’t very appealing. I’d rather have a smaller amount of the real thing. Sharon’s Meal Plan seemed limiting at first, but as I got more comfortable and knowledgeable it got easier and easier and has a lot of flexibility for preferences and hectic schedules. My whole family eats on my plan and I haven’t had complaints!

What is the best part about working with Sharon? Sharon gives you the motivation and support when you need it most.  She sets you up for lifelong success with her Meal Plans and exercise offerings.  It’s not about the instant gratification of being skinny,  it’s about healthy living. Sharon will listen to you and tell you what you need to hear, even if you don’t want to hear it – in a supportive, non-critical manner. She’s not a scary “yell at you” kind of trainer.  Sharon will give you everything you need to succeed – but ultimately you are the one deciding to do the squats!

What is the worst part about working with Sharon? Nothing.

What would you tell others who are hesitant to start?​ What are you waiting for!?!?! Especially for working moms, don’t feel guilty for taking care of you!!!!! Stop the self-doubt and trust yourself! You can do it – and you are worth it. You’ll be glad you did it.



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