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Powdered Peanut Butter

Eating healthy never has to be bland. Using PB2 is a delicious to add variety to your diet so you never get bored.

For peanut butter flavor without the calories or fat content of peanut butter, this powdered peanut butter is the answer. Perfect to mix to make a spread, eaten straight from the jar or added to shakes, yogurt, oatmeal, or other recipes for a rich nutty flavor.




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It's so simple - I just added PB2, oatmeal and a little water and it was delicious.

— Michelle M.

I made my own healthy peanut butter sandwich cookies. I simply mixed PB2 with enough water to make it easy to spread evenly on tea biscuits, and then topped each one off with another biscuit. It really tasted good – almost reminded me of Nutter Butters, but better for you!

— Roz G.

Mixing PB2 with vanilla yogurt tastes great!

— Heather E.

I use PB2 with the chocolate Muscle Provider to make a smooth peanut butter and chocolate shake.  I love the flavor it gives without the calories.  Two of my teenagers also drink it in their protein shakes and love the taste.

— Kristi S.

I add PB2 to my Carbmaster yogurt every morning. It adds great flavor, and it is very filling!  I also add PB2 to Brownie Batter G Butter when I am craving peanut butter and chocolate. It’s amazing!

— Amy G.

I was originally skeptical about PB2.  I mean come on..... another one of those things that could taste good and still be healthy for me all at the same time??  Well it's all of that and more!  I was pleasantly surprised at how good the taste was and that it's not overly sweet.  It just tastes pure.  Whenever I have a sweet craving or need a quick snack, a small serving of this is easy to prepare and the high amount of protein gets me full, fast.  If you're on the fence, try it.  It's better for you, and it's truly a great value.

— Nichole D.