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Fitness Equipment

Finding a workout routine you enjoy is key to adhering to it. Taking group classes or personal training sessions with me can certainly be an integral part of this. The accountability, support, encouragement, and structure you receive will help you reach your goals. Supplementing the classes and training sessions can be my Workouts To Go programs with fitness equipment that you can easily store at home.

For Personal Gear such as wearable health monitors, heart rate/fitness trackers, cross-trainer shoes, and foam rollers, visit this page.


Resistance Bands – ideal for Workouts To Go in your own home, when traveling, or wherever you want to exercise to stay on your exercise plan. These are lightweight and portable, and can provide a total body workout. Resistance bands can be used alone or combined with other equipment.
Visit Workouts To Go for these bands!


bodylastics bands

Medicine Balls – come in a variety of sizes and styles. They easily inject variety into your current workout, and can be used to improve hand-eye coordination, for explosive strength, balance moves, and frankly they are fun to use!

For hard surfaced balls, choose from a 4 lb. ball all the way up to a 12 lb. ball.

seven hard surface medicine balls

For soft surfaced balls, most users choose between an 8 lb. ball and a 30 lb. ball.

titan soft 30 lb medicine ball


Stability Balls – choosing the right size ball for your height is imperative. These are not regulated by color so be sure to pick the size that is appropriate for you. Stability balls complement your workout program and improve core stability, posture, balance, and are used in rehabilitating and physical therapy too.

purple stability ball with air pump