Shannon L.

Shannon L.

I have to say I love this Fresh Food Delivery. I ordered 14 meals with the plan to take them to work for lunch. I have eaten the steak, ground turkey, and now the cod. It is all good. The cod was flaky and not fishy. The quinoa was cooked and seasoned perfectly. Green beans were crisp and tender, and so fresh-tasting. I love how the meals are packaged because you can throw them in the freezer and the label is showing – so easy to know what is in the container. After I freeze them, I just bring them into work and by the time I eat – thawed and still cold to nuke.  Perfect! I think the value is good. Mine varies between 5 and 7 dollars, which when you think about eating out you spend much more and it isn’t always healthy. I will for sure be ordering again.

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