Nichole H.

Nichole H.

I used to buy egg whites at the local grocery store.  As far as taste, they were sort of bland and typically not the best value.  And if you’ve ever separated the egg white from an actual egg… know that it’s not the most appealing; it’s a thick and slimy consistency.

These egg whites however are delicious!  They are not like the egg white from an actual egg (though they are from real eggs).  They really have a lot of flavor and a nice, smooth consistency – no thick, slimy texture.  I cook them in a pan with a little seasoning, in my pancake, and enjoy them in protein shakes.  I plan to use them when baking too.  They last for months in the fridge, and even longer in the freezer, so you can plan ahead and buy in bulk and you’ll never run out!  When you compare cost, it’s also a bigger bang for your buck.

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