Korie C.

Korie C.

I started eating my Fresh Food Delivery custom meals a few days ago. Now, I have made various combinations using chicken, beef, turkey, steak, bison, salmon, and tilapia. So far, every combination has looked and tasted amazing! My first was turkey with brown rice and green beans. It was amazing! I couldn’t believe how delicious it was. The green beans were perfect and I loved the seasoning on the turkey! Another was chicken, wild rice, and green beans.  Delicious!! Yesterday was chicken with cilantro brown rice and broccoli – OMG so delicious!  The chicken tasted like it was fresh off the grill. Today was steak, green beans and sweet potatoes – another win!  The steak was so good. I had placed mine in the freezer, and by heating it up slowly because it was still partially frozen, it didn’t get tough or dry.  I was able to cut it easily with a plastic knife because I forgot utensils today.

Since eating these meals that I designed, I feel better about my choices, and I don’t feel guilty at lunch anymore. The ordering is so easy. It even remembered my choices from before so I didn’t have to build them again. With the pre-packaged meals I used to buy, I could taste how full of preservatives they were. These fresh food delivery meals taste like you just made them yourself. I would recommend this to others because it’s an easy, affordable way to have healthy meals available, especially for anyone without a lot of spare time.

I’m going to order my next round today.  My husband even encouraged me to get a month’s supply.

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