Jen B.

Jen B.

I chose Fresh Food Delivery Service for me because I want to take healthy meals to work, that are quick and convenient and not loaded with preservatives. Before this, I ate salads, sandwiches and too much other stuff that was not good for me. I created these meals: Steak, green beans, sweet potatoes; salmon, asparagus, sweet potatoes; chicken, rice, green beans; and chicken, white potato, asparagus.
I found them to be packaged nicely and I loved that it had my name on the package and exactly which meal it was and the portion sizes. The food looks and tastes great! My co-workers often ask me about my lunch because it looks and smells so good! My favorite meal(s) is steak, sweet potatoes and green beans! Since eating this food, I feel better about my work lunches, because I am not going to the cafeteria. Ordering was really easy and it was delivered quickly. This fresh food delivery service is different from Weight Watchers because you get more food, it tastes so much better, and it doesn’t contain the preservatives. I would recommend this Fresh Food Delivery Service to others because it’s easy, tastes wonderful, and most importantly, its healthy!

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