Eileen H.

Eileen H.

The fresh food delivery chicken, brown rice, and broccoli is so good. The chicken is tender and lightly seasoned, and the broccoli is not mushy!! I also had the ground turkey, sweet potato mash, and asparagus. The turkey was well seasoned and the sweet potato mash wasn’t overly sweet, and the asparagus was not over done or mushy! The meal reminded me of thanksgiving dinner. One of my favorites is salmon, brown rice, and asparagus – so flippin’ good! The salmon is perfectly prepared, and is moist and tasty. And another meal – from basic to BAM!! Chicken, brown rice, and broccoli tastes great as is but I like it HOT!! Added some sriracha hot sauce and turned it up a couple of notches!! Who needs Chinese carry out!?!?

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