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How to Build Your Business

Do you want to learn how to build your business quickly and make it bulletproof? 

Are you an independent gym owner? Or do you want to be?

Are you a personal trainer?

Do you dream about having more clients?
Do you want to hire more trainers?
Do you want to expand your service offerings?
Do you want to open more locations?
Do you want to spend less time in your business and more time on your business?

Every successful business is built from the ground up. Systems and processes are needed to manage all aspects of your business. If you are a sole proprietor or small business owner and want to build your business and take a vacation without losing money or closing down, these are a must.

After having successfully helped hundreds of women and men in personal training and small group classes improve their fitness levels, their nutrition, and their mindset, I have established and documented best practices.

Combining these practices with my 20 years of experience in the corporate world overseeing multi-million dollar budgets, managing hundreds of employees and contractors, establishing processes and procedures, and spear-heading quality improvements, I created the Fit Biz In a Box program to help you be a success.


As a business owner, you are going to trade time for money. The question is how much money is your time worth?

With the systems, processes, and automation you will learn, you can create your dream business

  • One where you are working on your business and not in it
  • One where you can focus on the tasks you enjoy and excel at, while someone else completes the others
  • One where you can take a month-long vacation without losing money or worrying you will lose all of your clients
  • One that when you are ready, you can sell for a large profit

Does this excite you?