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Burn More Calories

What is the theory behind how I structure Boot Camp and Metabolic Explosion Training?

Slow steady cardio can be a component of a fitness program but to burn more calories in less time is appealing. To achieve this, I chose a specific method to create the workouts in Boot Camp and Metabolic Explosion Training. I also wanted to end each workout with a little extra push, so I created the Finisher.

What is a Finisher and how does it help you to burn more calories?

woman in sports bra holding simmering dumbbells

It is basically a short burst of exercises that you perform without resting. An example could be a round of 4 squat jumps and 4 push ups that is repeated 4 times with no rest. You move as quickly as you can while trying to keep proper form. Your heart rate should rise sharply, you should be breathing hard, and your muscles should be shaking a little at the end.

Many large, highly controlled, third party studies have proven this to be true, and the one cited below, while small, easily illustrates the synopsis of their results, and gives you a solid understanding of the protocol followed.

22 college-aged women were separated into 3 groups. Each group performed 4 workouts per week.

Group 1 did 30 minutes of treadmill running at 85% max heart rate. This is an example of steady cardio.

Group 2 did 8 rounds of 20 seconds of a single exercise (burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, or squat thrusts) with 10 seconds of rest between rounds.  This is also known as a Tabata.

Group 3 did nothing, as they were the non-training control group.

The Results:
Both training groups increased their aerobic fitness levels by the SAME amount (about 7-8%).  Or in other words, the short, 4 minute bodyweight workouts were just as effective as 30 minutes of steady cardio.

However only Group 2, the Boot Camp/Finisher-style training also increased muscular endurance in common exercises like chest presses, leg extensions, sit ups, and push ups.  

And, Group 2 also reported greater overall workout enjoyment.

The researchers concluded that “extremely low volume bodyweight interval-style training” will boost cardiovascular fitness just as well as cardio while giving you BETTER improvements in muscle endurance.

Does this interest you? Do you want to burn more calories in less time, while enjoying exercise? Contact me to start today!