Advantages of Plant-Based Protein

It seems that meatless products are gaining a lot of attention in the news. But why? What are the advantages of plant-based protein? The answers to this question fall into two categories – health and environment. What are the health benefits of plant-based protein? Lower saturated fat than meat-based protein[…]

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Eating Right Made Easy

Meet TJ. He is a health and fitness influencer on youtube with 34k followers. He tasted a Catalyst Bar. Listen up to what he has to say about it.   Get yours at   The perfectly delicious and nutritious meal-on-the-go!

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Press Release – Catalyst Bar Launches

Cincinnati, Ohio— January 31, 2022 — Sharon Chamberlin, owner of Cincinnati-based Catalyst 4 Fitness, has launched a new line of meal replacement bars called the Catalyst Bar. Chamberlin’s work as a certified personal fitness trainer and nutrition coach led to the creation of the bar. “I realized there is a[…]

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Press Release – Fit Biz In a Box Launches

Catalyst 4 Fitness Announces Fit Biz in a Box   Cincinnati, Ohio— March 10, 2022 — Sharon Chamberlin, owner of Catalyst 4 Fitness, has launched Fit Biz In a Box, a comprehensive program for health and fitness professionals wanting to start a new business or scale up their current one.[…]

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What is a Meal Replacement Bar?

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine that mimicked conversations I have every week. I call them “AHA” moments, and I’m sharing it to help you make better decisions for you and your family. In this, I explain what is a meal replacement bar. Why are Catalyst[…]

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Are Protein Bars Good Meal Replacements?

Are protein bars good meal replacements?   No. Are energy bars good meal replacements? No. [Hint: This is exactly why I created the Catalyst Meal Replacement Bar!] Most of the bars on the market – even those that are popular, have brand recognition, endorsed by celebrities, or sponsored by muscle-bound men[…]

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Catalyst Bar - Meal Replacement Bar

How to Find Your Ideal Client

Before answering how to find your ideal client, we need to take a few steps backward. Does this sound familiar? Scenario A: You passed your certification test and are now an official personal trainer, group class or yoga instructor. You are ready to fulfill your dream of helping others get[…]

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five figures with one in the crosshairs, your ideal client

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