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Fit Biz In a Box is a complete solution for gym or studio owners, independent trainers, yoga instructors, health coaches, or franchisees to start the business or scale up to the business they have always dreamed of.

After having worked in the corporate world for nearly twenty years, I knew it was time for a change. With a little soul-searching, I jumped into the health and wellness industry and opened my first studio in 2012. Using my business world experience, I successfully built my company.

Being an independent trainer or coach can be so much more than just working for yourself. Building a business based on your skills and talents can be very profitable and afford you the independence you are striving for.

However, setting up your company to protect yourself and your assets, positioning yourself in the community, identifying and reaching your target market, building your team, and properly planning for your retirement takes deliberate and intentional steps.

Whether you are just starting out as a trainer or health coach, or in a position where you want to scale up as a sole proprietor or bring on a team, Fit Biz In a Box is for you.

Fit Biz In a Box – The Essentials

A self-directed approach 

  • complete downloadable program

  • onboarding call

  • one-on-one consulting available as an add-on



Fit Biz In a Box – The Ultimate

A white-glove approach to keep you accountable and guide you

  • complete downloadable program

  • onboarding call

  • 3 – 1 hour one-on-one consultations 



This comprehensive program begins with learning how to conduct market research, choosing your company name (it’s not as easy as you think!), legally establishing and protecting your business and its name, obtaining the proper insurance policies, identifying your ideal client, designing programs to reach that client, marketing, and sales.

You will learn business operations, staff hiring, quality control processes, vendor management, client retention, client and prospect communication, facility operations, and so much more. You are given sample documents, scripts, and policies to use to help avoid the common pitfalls of starting and running a business.

The final section is for you to use after you have built your wildly successful business and are ready for your exit strategy.

Operating Your Business Steps
Business Growth Chart

You choose the option that best fits you – a self-directed approach or a white-glove approach.

This is not a franchise opportunity. It is however the solution for franchise owners who are struggling to succeed.

Learn the differences between owning your business and buying a franchise.

Fit Biz in a Box provides the business owner, trainer, or coach with the tangible tools and guidance to start their business, and reach and maintain their financial and operational goals.

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