Burn Fat and Build Muscle – FAST!

Do you want to get in the best shape of your life? You need to burn fat and build muscle!!

Located between Eastgate and Anderson, Catalyst 4 Fitness offers several classes and training sessions that help you do just this.

Top 8 Reasons

why you should choose a private fitness studio over a big box gym for classes or personal training.

1) The environment is much more inviting. Relationships are built easily and others are openly supportive of you.
2) You truly receive personalized attention.
3) No distractions – other people’s music, other people holding conversations with each other or on their phones.
4) No waiting for others to finish using the equipment you want to use.

For a list of all classes, click here and find the best fit for you, or to schedule personal training sessions,  simply call Sharon @ (513) 255-7927 to get beach body ready today!

I would definitely recommend Sharon’s Personal Training services to others.   Three things are important when hiring an independent teacher:  1) Do they know the subject and have an ability to teach it? 2) Are they professional; do they keep appointments and communicate their terms clearly? 3) Do they have the ability to instill confidence in you?  She gets an A+ on all three counts. – Joan C.

I’ve never stayed with an exercise plan for an extended amount of time.  I am proud of myself for making Metabolic Explosion Training class a way of life instead of a quick fix.  I’ve lost weight, clothes sizes, gained strength, and feel motivated to keep coming back for more.  I’m so thankful to Sharon for providing direction and making me sweat more than I ever thought was possible! – Kristi S.

I am beginning my 4th year of Cross Training Circuits. I initially joined this class because I wanted to find an exercise program indoors during the winter months. I have never left though due the amazing results. Now I feel stronger and more fit than anytime in my life. The ‘fitness’ feelings last for days after each class. It is the most comprehensive workout I have ever tried. Committing to scheduled class times and participating in a group keeps me on track. I have legitimately lost 30 pounds and Cross Training Circuits helps me maintain the loss. – Martha L.

*individual results may vary

metabolic training certification

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