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Best Protein Powder

Protein powders can be part of a healthy diet, but how do you know which is the best protein powder? You don’t want to waste your money, and you want to buy the protein that is going to help you reach your goals. If you aren’t working with a trainer that you trust, finding the best protein may not be as simple as it sounds because even though some brand names are well known, that doesn’t translate into their protein powders being of a high quality.

Look at these properties.

1.  Absorption.  Whey is fast-acting and casein is slow, so you should take whey pre- or post-workout, and opt for a casein blend before bed.

2.  Mixability.  Whether you are making a shake or baking with it, you don’t want clumps that you have to mix through.

3.  Usability.  A casein blend is much better for baking.  Whey can be used but it creates a denser bar, cookie, or bread.  Either can effectively be used in shakes.

4.  Ingredients.  Does the manufacturer use products from reputable sources? Are there fillers?

5.  Biological Value. This is how protein is absorbed and used by the body for growth. The higher the BV, the greater the efficiency. The standard is egg protein with a BV rating of 100. Milk protein is 85 and beef protein is 75. Whey protein isolate is the highest of whey proteins, with a BV of 159.

6. Concentration. Is it a good value? For instance, if you want 20 grams of protein, do you need to take one scoop or three? How many calories, grams of carbohydrates, and grams of sugar come along with those 20 grams of protein?

7.  Overall price.  If you order online, be sure to factor in shipping costs.  Are discount codes available, or free shipping when a minimum total amount is met?

8.  Moneyback guarantee?  This is important when trying a new product if samples aren’t available.  To get the best bang for your buck, you might want to buy a 4 lb. container of powder.  However, if you try and don’t like it, then you are stuck with 4 lbs. of it!

9.  Last but definitely not least, taste.  Does the product taste good?  Is it chalky?  Have you tried more than one flavor?  Just because you don’t like one flavor from a manufacturer, you shouldn’t discount their entire product line.

This is why I recommend Beverly International Muscle Provider (100% whey), Beverly International Ultimate Muscle Protein (80% casein, 20% whey), and Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra.




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