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Quadracarn contains 4 different types of carnitine which help the body turn fat into energy. Your body is capable of producing this in small amounts, but sometimes you need more than that. Quadracarn affects how your body looks and performs. It can:

  • enhance fat loss
  • help build muscle
  • give you more energy
  • lower your total cholesterol
  • help cognitive performance
  • improve erectile performance, and
  • enhance your exercise performance.

This is particularly popular with women and men 35 years of age and older. Gluten free.



I have been taking Quadracarn for over a year and a half. I truly believe it has kept me healthy, in terms of getting colds. My husband takes Quadracarn too and feels the same way. Although I still may get a bit of a cold or cough, it never turns into a full blown cold. It also keeps my energy level up, and along with using Glutamine Select with BCAAs, it helps with muscle recovery. It is a great product!!!

— Sue

Since taking Quadracarn I have had increased energy throughout the day.  I like it because it does not give you a shaky feeling like you get when you drink too much coffee. It's just an extra boost, which we all know we can use that.

— Michelle S.

I started taking Quadracarn because I was feeling both mentally and physically worn out. I just didn’t feel sharp. When I made the decision to try it, I wasn’t expecting a huge rush of energy but was hoping to feel more mentally clear and less tired. In less than 3 weeks, I definitely have noticed a difference in my energy level and feel less tired. I also think that my thinking is sharper and less cloudy. I feel good. I feel like I have sustained energy and increased mental acuity.

— Eileen H.