Catalyst 4 Fitness

Spice Up Your Food

Eating healthy never has to be bland. Using PB2 or seasonings are great ways to spice up your food while still following a healthy meal plan. Each of these will enhance the taste of your food and give you variety in your diet so you don’t get bored with your meals.


For peanut butter flavor without the calories or fat content of peanut butter, this powdered peanut butter is the answer. Perfect to mix to make a spread, eaten straight from the jar or added to recipes for a rich nutty flavor. Contact me to learn how to buy this at lower than typical retail prices.


Spices and Seasonings
All seasonings are paleo, GMO-, and MSG-free. They do not contain sugars, refined sodium, fillers, preservatives, or anti-caking agents. All are also vegan with the exception of Ranch.

Most other seasonings have hundreds of mg of sodium per serving. These only contain 25 – 40 mg per ¼ teaspoon of 100% unprocessed sea salt. The exception to this is Himalayan Salt and Pepper seasoning which is an actual salt seasoning.

  • Perfect for meal prep
  • Spice up your food without the added calories or sugar of most sauces and marinades
  • Use when cooking meats, fish, vegetables, and starches like potatoes and rice
  • Ideal for enhancing all of your baked goods without adding unnecessary calories, carbs, and fats
  • Brewed in coffee and mixed in protein shakes
  • Added to yogurts or used to make dips

Contact me to learn how to buy these at lower than typical retail prices.

Jamaican Jerk is VERY GOOD! I put it on pork chops, and is a good balance of spicy and sweet.

— Michelle

I love adding the Chocolate Donut seasoning to my coffee grounds!!! It adds such a nice chocolate flavor to my coffee!!! I also mixed the Gingerbread Cookie seasoning with the Chocolate Donut seasoning and added both to my coffee grounds, and OMG so good!!!!  Smelled so yummy when it was brewing and tasted so yummy too!!

— Sue C.

I love the Ranch in particular, and use it constantly. I will put it on chicken, asparagus and other veggies, and make my own dip with lite sour cream. My kids love this dip for veggies in their lunches and it has half the junk that Hidden Valley has! It is a little spicier (garlic) than your traditional ranch dressing, but delicious! My biggest mistake with any of the spices is being heavy-handed. You don't need a lot to get an awesome flavor. Garlic Lover’s is another household favorite.  Having it on shrimp in particular is yummy - gives it just a little kick. I've used the Cheese on broccoli, chicken, and pork. It's good! I also have the Everything seasoning and  have recently been using it on zucchini.

— Beth M.

I sprinkled some Chocolate Donut seasoning in my coffee grounds before brewing. This is the way to go! Look out Starbucks Chocolate Donut Delight!

— Michelle S.

I have tried the Ranch and Cheese seasonings and immediately ordered more. I've put the cheese on everything from chicken to toast to veggies and soup. I put the Ranch in plain Greek yogurt and on potatoes, both were also delicious. It's like I'm eating the bad things I crave but without the guilt!

— Michelle M.

Bacon Lover’s is AWESOME on a baked potato!

— Kelly C.

I put Bacon Lover’s seasoning on a baked potato and cottage cheese – VERY GOOD! I also had it on my scrambled eggs this morning and it was YUMMY!

— Michelle S.

I have tried the seasonings in a few different recipes recently that I thought I'd share. I made some awesome no bake cookies with the Gingerbread Cookie seasoning. I just added PB2, oatmeal and a little water and they were delicious. I have also found the seasonings work well as salad dressing! The Cheese and Spicy Everything with a small drizzle of EVOO and lemon is crazy good!

— Michelle

I'm hooked! My two new favorite egg dishes are 1) to scramble egg whites and add both Bacon Lover's and Cheese seasonings to it. They give it a delicious taste without the added calories or fat that come with eating strips of bacon and slices of cheese, and 2) making a breakfast sandwich by toasting a 100 calorie whole wheat sandwich thin and topping it with egg whites that are seasoned with Bacon Lover’s and Cheese seasonings. Tasty, healthy and low calorie! I used Honey BBQ to flavor an easy, one pan dish. I sautéed onion and ground turkey in a skillet, and then added mixed vegetables, and seasoned it with the Honey BBQ. Delicious and healthy! I also took a package of plain popcorn (unbuttered) and separated it, sprinkling Pizza seasoning on some of it, and Ranch seasoning on the rest. Both tasted so good! They gave it great flavoring without added calories.

— Roz G.

I made my own healthy peanut butter sandwich cookies. I simply mixed PB2 with enough water to make it easy to spread evenly on tea biscuits, and then topped each one off with another biscuit. It really tasted good – almost reminded me of Nutter Butters, but better for you!

— Roz

The Ranch seasoning is amazing on popcorn. I've also repeatedly used the Bacon Lover’s and Cheese seasonings in omelets. And I added the Chocolate Donut seasoning to French toast. Very tasty!

— Gillian A.

I am addicted to these seasonings! Saute shrimp in a pan with a touch of olive oil and sprinkle Bacon Lover's seasoning on. Really good taste and the seasoning had some crunch after sauteing which made it even more enjoyable. Thumbs Up. I also use Bacon Lover's along with the Cheese seasoning on baked potatoes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and chicken. Brussels spouts can be bitter so the seasonings make them more tasty. If there's no skin on the chicken you can rub the Bacon Lover's and/or the Cheese right on it, although I tend to use it more on the outside with skin on. And for dessert, I sprinkle the Chocolate Donut seasoning on ice cream.

— Marty C.

Mixing PB2 with vanilla yogurt tastes great!

— Heather E.

I use PB2 with the chocolate Muscle Provider to make a smooth peanut butter and chocolate shake.  I love the flavor it gives without the calories.  Two of my teenagers also drink it in their protein shakes and love the taste.

— Kristi

Wow, the Everything Spicy seasoning is really, really good! It reminds me of a blackened taste which is one of my favorites. I've had it on grilled chicken so far with plans to try it on salmon and scrambled eggs. :)

— Nichole D.

I now have a new favorite snack - popcorn with Pizza seasoning. So yummy!! 

— Korie C.

When I started to improve my diet by eating healthier and cleaner,  I knew I liked most, if not all of my options, like skinless chicken breast, green beans, broccoli, rice, and beans just to name few. It was when I found myself eating the same foods day after day that it quickly got old. Now that I have begun using the seasonings from Catalyst 4 Fitness, I have so many variations that my meals do not get boring. These healthy seasonings can make any meal great. Do you like pizza but not cauliflower? Sprinkle the Pizza seasoning on the cauliflower and you have a healthy pepperoni pizza that just looks like cauliflower. My favorite though is putting Buffalo seasoning on chicken!

— Kevin R