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High Protein Iced Coffee

Chike High Protein Iced Coffee provides a powerful combination of 2 shots of premium espresso coffee and 20 grams of whey protein to help provide focus and fuel to power your day.

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Mix it with cold water and ice for a silky smooth refreshing drink.


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I am not normally an iced coffee drinker, however the Peanut Butter High Protein Iced Coffee is in a class by itself.....Yummy! Who knew iced coffee could taste so good while giving you a boost for the day?!!

— Roz G.

I LOVE the High Protein Iced Coffee! It's like liquid Reese's Cups! It is great to have at lunch - it gives you that extra boost to get through the day, and it tastes great.  In fact, all of the flavors are good.

— Michelle S.