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Turning Fat into Muscle

I’m often asked how long it will take for a client to turn fat into muscle. That would be like a candy bar turning into a piece of chicken. Muscle and fat are completely different types of tissue and can’t magically be transformed from one to another. You can build[…]

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Weight Loss Success – Erika S

Real People. Real Progress. Real Weight Loss. Tell us about yourself. I am 33 (almost 34!) years old, even though sometimes I act and feel like I’m about 25. 😉 I have been in sales and marketing for almost 3 years and recently decided to get a second Master’s degree[…]

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Travel and Diet

Traveling for work or pleasure doesn’t mean you have to lose ground on the progress you’ve made with your diet.  An easy travel and diet meal is protein powder and almonds or oatmeal. The almonds and oatmeal can be measured out and placed in baggies. Along with them, it’s easy[…]

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How Important Is Sleep?

How Important Is Sleep? More than you would think. Those who say they’ll “sleep when they’re dead” may be doing that before the rest of us. Studies have shown that sleep affects our physical and mental health, and also our immune system.   When we fail to consistently get enough sleep,[…]

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