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Do It Anyway

Look at the calendar. It’s the end of September. Stores are already tempting you with Halloween candy, and very soon it will be the season filled with company parties, happy hours, and family gatherings – all of which you are expected to or at least feel compelled to attend. How[…]

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Should You Use a Personal Trainer?

There’s a reason why celebrities and other highly successful people have coaches and trainers:  IT WORKS.  And this is why so many people have chosen to use a personal trainer to help them move from mediocre to excellence in their pursuit of health, fitness and weight loss. The Reality More[…]

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Getting A Woman to Bulk Up

Unless a woman is taking steroids or performance enhancing drugs, she WILL NOT bulk up.  I repeat, she will not bulk up. She won’t look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  She won’t grow facial hair.  She won’t grow hair on her chest.  Her voice won’t get lower.  None of this will happen.[…]

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