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Real People Doing Great Things – Susan & Gillian

Since opening Catalyst 4 Fitness, I’ve the opportunity to meet some incredible people.  Each has her/his own story, obstacles, and successes.  Two of these women are Susan Nerska and Gillian Atkinson – mom and daughter!Susan, how long have we worked together? About 18 months.How do you feel now? After a[…]

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Staying On Plan When Traveling

Traveling for work or pleasure doesn’t mean you have to lose ground on the progress you’ve made.  It’s easy to pack your protein and supplements and take them with you, either in a carry-on bag or in your checked luggage.  How?  The answer is baggies.  Lots of them!Let’s say you’ll[…]

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4 Ways to Save Time in the Gym

Follow these steps to make the most of your gym time.1. Your Workout Program. Design your workouts so they are effective and efficient.  Unless you are training for a bodybuilding competition or an endurance event, there is no reason to spend 2 or more hours in a gym every day. […]

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Weight Loss Success – Angie M

Tell us about yourself. My name is Angie.  I just turned 50!   I moved to Cincinnati a little over 5 years ago with my husband of almost 23 years and our 3 children.  They keep us very busy.  I enjoy gardening, shopping, traveling, and being with family and friends.What are[…]

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