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My Knees Are Popping

You bend down and hear it. You stand up and hear it. You think to yourself “Oh, my knees are popping again.” Is it dangerous? Is it indicating a problem you should have a doctor look at? If you experience pain while climbing steps, it could be an early sign[…]

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Runny Nose When Exercising

Do you often get a runny nose when exercising even if you don’t have a cold? It could be rhinitis. Rhinitis is when the nasal mucous membranes are inflamed. Exercise, as well as the metabolic boost that it creates, makes your mucous membranes produce more mucous.  This additional mucous picks[…]

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Foods to Avoid

When I began writing this, I intended to title it the “Worst 5 Foods” but there were so many foods and meals from restaurants, desserts, drinks, and side dishes that my list was nearly endless. Instead, I decided to group some general foods together, although I do use a few[…]

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